Participant number

URL of experiment: Victoria Santos / dissertationtask1 · GitLab

Hello, I hope everyone is keeping well. I just had a question about running the experiment on Pavlovia online.
At the start of the experiment it asks for a participant number. However, I thought this would be allocated automatically. It has always shown up when I was piloting the study but I presumed it was just a piloting feature so I could test out whether the counterbalancing has worked.
I have unticked the ‘Show info dialog’ box on PsychoPy - which I presumed that is why that participant number box showed up. But I just wanted to double check that Pavlovia automatically generated participant numbers just to ensure the counter balancing works.
Sorry if this is a silly question I just have never used Pavlovia before and I just wanted to be certain.


Pavlovia does not automatically generate participant numbers. I recommend that you tick Show info dialog box and use my free app.

You should probably also make sure you take a look at my crib sheet (links abound on this site and on my Pavlovia app page).

Best wishes,