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Paid programmer needed to create a relative judgement task


I am a graduate student that is currently working on finishing a thesis project and I am looking to hire a programmer to create a program for me.

The purpose of the study is to investigate the effects of various display properties on the participant’s estimates of which of two airplane-shaped targets will arrive at an intersection point first. Participants will view trials in which the two airplane targets will appear to travel towards an intersection point (depicted as a “+”) on a display. After a number of seconds, the targets will disappear and the participant will need to indicate (with a keyboard input) which object they think would have reached the intersection point first.

For each trial, the airplane targets will appear to move for 4.8 seconds. After the 4.8 seconds, the participants will have 2.4 seconds to determine which of the two targets would have made it to the intersection point first by pressing the key corresponding to the airplane target’s data tag (either a 0 or 1).

In total there are 648 trials. I need the program to display a series of pictures, which I have already created in Inkscape for each of the 648 trials (nearly 5k individual pictures in total). I have varied “update rate” for my experiment, therefore one-third of the trials have 12 pictures that need to be shown for 0.4 seconds each, one-third of the trials have 6 pictures that need to be shown for 0.8 seconds each, and the last third of trials have 4 pictures that need to be shown for 1.2 seconds each.

I will need the program to store an answer for each trial, check if the answer is correct as my dependent measure for this study is accuracy, and store the accuracy for the specific condition in an excel/data file. I will need the trials to be randomized and will need “breaks” programmed into the study to combat participant fatigue (the study will take approx 90 mins).

Also, I want to publish and run this study on Pavlovia.

This job will definitely require some back-and-forth communication. I am available via email, zoom, or discord.

Please let me know if you can code this (or help me code this) from scratch, and your hourly rate.
Any assistance or guidance would be greatly appreciated!



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Beware with who offers themselves, we’ve seen some that don’t seem to have the right credentials. Be wary of offers to help here!

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What I had trouble to understand is the 5k picture thing. So do you plan to use 5k pictures which when are displayed in series, depict a motion of a plane (pretty much like how they did in primitive movies, motion pictures) ?

5K pictures (depending on their size) may end up becoming gigabytes of data to download while running an online experiment (or cause performance issues).

Here’s a proof of concept using a single image file.

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This is outstanding. I greatly appreciate this.

I would definitely like to hire you for this project.