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Overriding/changing stimulus if its same as previous one

Hello all,

I am presenting two stimuli from the same condition file consecutively on two different routines, since I am using a random loop, sometimes the two stimulus may be the same. I don’t want this, so I store the previously presented one in a variable and change the stimulus in the beginning of the routine (in a code block) if its the same as the previous one.

However apparently when you do this the excel data sheet does not update the name of the stimulus presented. The stimulus presented is fine (it does change), I am assigning a different image to the image object created by python using the image method, however the presented column does not show the image I’ve actually presented.

How can I patch this?

Edit: I actually managed to merge both routines into a single one, so I don’t need to accomplish what I wrote above. However, I still wonder whether if it would be possible.

You could save as an extra column in the data file the actual stimuli used and ignore the column automatically generated by the loop.

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