Trying to make images contingent to each other in experiment

Hi Everyone,

I’m building my first experiment on PsychoPy Builder mode (I do not know how to code in Python), and cannot figure out how to randomize my images in a certain way. For this to make sense, I need to first describe my procedure: participants will see an incomplete image and hear an audio question (like ‘what do you want to eat’), they will then click to end the routine, and the next routine will present the ‘completed’ image, supplying the answer to the previous question. Participants will record their answer, and then click to proceed to the next stimulus. I have a set of critical stimuli, and a set of control stimuli. I have included a visual example of this procedure, if it would help.
I understand how to randomize (create loops) in a very basic sense–so, creating columns in excel, etc. But I cannot figure out how to randomize my stimuli without messing up the order of each incomplete image → completed image set. It would be really cool if I could put a condition somewhere to the effect of “if the previous image is this, then the next image should come from this column in the excel sheet” but I do not know how to do this.

I hope this makes sense (and is not too stupid a question), and would appreciate any help.


Hi @SoundofSnails,

Unless I’m misunderstanding what you would like to achieve, this could be an option:

Have two separate columns in your condition file, one for complete and one for incomplete images:

Present incomplete images in the first routine and complete images in the second routine:

Hope this helps.


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Thank you, Jan! I will try this out.