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Multiple Randomized Images from the Same Excel File



I am trying to run an experiment where I show two images on the screen at the same time from the same Excel stimulus file. When I tried to randomize the images by looping, what shows up is the same image twice. I was wondering how to fix this so that the images are different.
For some reason, the two images on the screen come up the same when instead I am supposed to get two different, random images presented on the screen.



Hi @leorelizur, are the stimuli paired in sets or are pairs generated randomily?


They are paired in sets


right, then you will want two columns in your conditions file, where each column corresponds to one of your two stim and contains the paths for each stimulus. Then, for each image stim, you reference each column as a variable e.g., $column1 and $column2… The loop will handle the randomisation.


perfect, thank you!