Output of textbox does not separate by new line


I am collecting data online using the editable textbox component. Participants need to list things, but often do so by hitting “Enter” and creating a new line, resulting in something like this:


However, in the data, it is all added together and the output cell for the specific textbox looks like this:

Does this happen to anyone else? Is it something I’m doing wrong when opening my .csv file? Or is there any way I can have line breaks separate entries automatically?

Thank you!

Just checking again if anyone has an easy fix for this… Thanks!

Hello again, still wondering if anyone has any solutions for this! @wakecarter @Becca because you’ve been very helpful before :pray:

Try putting textbox.text = textbox.text.replace("\n",";") in End Routine if you’d like your words to be semi-colon separated.

When I open a data file in Excel with a multiline textbox I do see the words on separate lines, so it might also be how you are opening the file.

[Sorry – that was tested locally and I’m getting your result online]

Thanks! No luck unfortunately.

The issue arises because the .csv format doesn’t automatically recognize these line breaks as distinct entries. To address this, ensure that when you export to .csv, your data handling process correctly interprets these line breaks. May need to adjust how you parse the text data or consider using a different data entry method that ensures each item is clearly separated for accurate export and analysis.