Output file containing imprecise reaction times - only online

Hi everybody,
I’m running my study online using Builder / v2021.1.4.

Actually I’m about to start, but in my last test runs I’ve noticed the following: When running locally, the output file countains reaction times like 0.5439270999995642. But when I run the study online, the output file shows quite imprecise reaction times with only three decimal places, say 0.622.

I’ve tried several browsers and machines, it’s always the same. Can anybode help?

I suspect that JavaScript doesn’t bother to record sub-millisecond precision on the basis that it would give a false sense of accuracy. I would prefer to see the offline times rounded to 3dp.

Thanks for your answer, @wakecarter, I get what you mean. I thought I remembered that in an earlier online study, more precise times were measured. But you may have a point there.

Thank you for your answers and your opinion! I’m sure you are right, I will work with thse response times.