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Please help! Trouble with getting the reaction time and accuracy for values inputted

I have built my experiment so far but the data that I am getting is not correct. I want to have accuracy and reaction time recorded after every answer inputted but I am not getting the right data in the .csv file. I don’t know how to fix this or what to do so any input is appreciated.

thank you!

Hi @Zobyedh_Rahami, I am guessing they are typing numbers in, and pressing return when the answer is correct? If so, you will want to check when return is pressed, and when it is pressed, you will want to compare the typed answer with the answer from your conditions file for that trial, and then save a value in the data file to show whether the answer what correct or not. To save data, when the user presses return you can save data for that trial using:

thisExp.addData("resp.accuracy", correct)
thisExp.addData("resp.responseTime", t)

This will create columns in your data file called “resp.accuracy” and “resp.responseTime”.