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Error couldn't find image check path?

Mac OS sierra, PsychoPy v 1.85.2.

Hi there,
I’m having trouble with my experiment and was wondering if anyone had an idea what might be going wrong! When I run my experiment, it runs for half of the loop and then it cuts out and I get the error message below. I have checked to make sure that the name of the stimuli and the image match. I can’t think what else I can do! Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.

Running: /Users/betty/Desktop/PsychoPypositivevsnegativeIAPSsamescale2014/CItaskNegativeNEW_Zhimins_ITI_scale_not_modified_for_EC/
pyo version 0.8.6 (uses single precision)
2.1342 ERROR Requested audio device ‘auto’ that is not available on this hardware. The ‘audioDevice’ preference should be one of [u’Built-in Output’]
104.1391 ERROR Couldn’t find image M.bmp ; check path? (tried: /Users/betty/Desktop/PsychoPypositivevsnegativeIAPSsamescale2014/CItaskNegativeNEW_Zhimins_ITI_scale_not_modified_for_EC/M.bmp )
2017-08-11 20:20:18.351 python[7746:570868] ApplePersistenceIgnoreState: Existing state will not be touched. New state will be written to /var/folders/xl/q5rb9y1544z6q748qghtq4zc0000gn/T/org.psychopy.PsychoPy2.savedState
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/Users/betty/Desktop/PsychoPypositivevsnegativeIAPSsamescale2014/CItaskNegativeNEW_Zhimins_ITI_scale_not_modified_for_EC/”, line 485, in
File “/Applications/”, line 289, in setImage
setAttribute(self, ‘image’, value, log)
File “/Applications/”, line 137, in setAttribute
setattr(self, attrib, value)
File “/Applications/”, line 27, in set
newValue = self.func(obj, value)
File “/Applications/”, line 276, in image
File “/Applications/”, line 794, in _createTexture
raise IOError, msg % (tex, os.path.abspath(tex))
IOError: Couldn’t find image M.bmp ; check path? (tried: /Users/betty/Desktop/PsychoPypositivevsnegativeIAPSsamescale2014/CItaskNegativeNEW_Zhimins_ITI_scale_not_modified_for_EC/M.bmp )

The name may match, but the path doesn’t. Please tell us the path to the image (select it in the Finder and type ⌘I to get info and copy the path. Do the same for your Builder. psyexp file.

Hi thanks for your help! Right okay, here’s a screen shot of the info for each folder, is this the right information you need?

i.e. the file M.bmp

Sorry I think this is the path?


Here’s a screenshot of the info

In case you haven’t found the error already, the filepaths are incorrect e.g.
psychopy attempts to find the image in /Users/betty/Desktop/PsychoPypositivevsnegativeIAPSsamescale2014/CItaskNegativeNEW_Zhimins_ITI_scale_not_modified_for_EC/M.bmp
when in fact the image is saved in

…I think

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