Options for sending EEG triggers


We are starting a new EEG experiment and trying to find a way to send triggers from the PsychoPy script to the EEG software (Neuroelectrics Enobio). It seems that most researchers on this forum have used the parallel port to send triggers, however, this is not a trivial option for us as neither the task computer nor the EEG computer has a parallel port. The easier option for us is the ethernet connection between the computers. Could anybody help us with the PsychoPy script that can send triggers via the ethernet connection?

Here is the info about our systems:

Task computer: Windows 7
PsychoPy: v2020.2.4
EEG computer: Macbook OSX 10.14.5
EEG software: NICLAB

Thank you very much!

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Apprantly PsychoPy is quite freindly with non parallel port needed DAQ devices such as LabJack U3 and USB2TTL8. If you create a Parallel Out component under I/O, you’ll be able to see these options under “port address”. They normally are easier to configure and operate compared to Ethernet connection methods, when you are talking about sending triggers.
Hope this helps.