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Opensesame supported?

Hi there!

opensesame seems to be supported as a platform. How can we upload an experiment? Making a new experiment and pushing the osexp file did not work (403 Forbidden).

Looking at, there seem to be 17 OpenSesame projects hosted there currently. The details of what files to push and so on might be more of a question for the OpenSesame community though?

I looked at these but the files relating to these projects are all psyexp (psychopy builder).

Opensesame uses the OSWeb framework, the question then would be, does pavlovia support this. So far, I’ve found conflicting evidence.

I would think it is possible but I’m not sure. This is probably a question for @jon to give some guidance on.

No, while it’s entirely possible to use Pavlovia simply as a repository to share code from any experiment generator (psychtoolbox, opensesame etc.) the only currently supported packages for running experiments so far are PsychoPy, jsPsych and lab.js. I’m sure it’s all technically possible but we would need help with the data structures in OSWeb. We did reach out to @sebastiaan about integration with opensesame but at that point he didn’t have capacity to work on it.