Only recent data is available for download

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem:
I had encountered an error while running the experiment (an image file was not uploaded). Therefore I had resolved that error. Now the experiment is running, but the data from before the error is not available.
The experiment draws 50 images randomly out of 300. So, I had run it with 54 participants before the correction was made (1 image file was missing). After correction, the data of previous 54 participants is now gone.
How to recover this lost data?

Hi There,

It is possible that you need to look in the archive of your project for the data.

  1. From your experiment page click “view code”
  2. from the toolbar on the left select “repository” (looks like a document icon)
  3. select “commits” - this will show the full history of your project
  4. scroll back to the repository at the time before you made the change.
  5. select “browse files” at that point in time (the folder icon on the right). That will show you all the data files that were previously stored in your experiment.

Hope this helps,

Thank you so much @Becca , this worked! :slight_smile: