Only last block of multi-block experiment appearing in data file

OS Win10
PsychoPy version current

What are you trying to achieve?:
I made a simple oculomotor localizer task. See the structure below:

Essentially, 4 blocks of: fixation → flashing checkerboard → fixation → tap left/right finger

What specifically went wrong ?:
The experiment runs fine, but the data csv file shows stimulus onset etc. for only the last block. Here is a brief view–it goes from 22 seconds (those first few routines) to recording the times of the last block (at 231 seconds).

There is nothing in the blocks section despite it running 4 blocks:

I’ve uploaded the complete data file here: _oculomotor_task_2021_Jan_26_1713

Here is the builder experiment file: ocumotor_builder_v1.1

Any ideas? Am I misunderstanding how the data files work?

Thank you very much!!

I solved this issue. For future reference, the issue was the “checkerboards” and “blocks” loops not having the “is trials” checkbox ticked.