Online study ends without errors

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My experiment includes both practice and main experiment sessions. Locally, it works fine, but this experiment terminates without error at the end of the practise session when piloting online. I suppose the problem is related to synchronisation. Because I set loop=0 for the main experiment at the debugging part of the practice session. I got the impression the scripts did not get updated. However, even after resetting the main experiment’s loop to 1, committing and sending it to Pavlovia, the experimental session does not appear. I tested with numerous alterations to check whether Pavlovia was compatible with my committed/changes, but the outcome remained the same - the experiment terminated following the practice session. As far as I can tell from the commit messages on Pavlovia, everything appears to be functioning normally. I’m curious as to what caused this issue. I appreciate your help in advance.

Try Ctrl Shift R to flush the cache

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