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Online Study Won't Complete at the end

I am almost finished with programming this study, but am having an issue with the study not saving data and not completing.

At the end when the study completes I get this error:

I am not sure if I am missing something?

Not a solution I’m afraid, but @hellenjingyuan appears to be having the same issue.

Can you help with this one @jon ?

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I am not sure if this is an issue, but it seems that my export html is importing from the old version?

IE it is currently importing this

import { PsychoJS } from β€˜’;
import * as core from β€˜’;
import { TrialHandler } from β€˜’;
import { Scheduler } from β€˜’;
import * as util from β€˜’;
import * as visual from β€˜’;
import { Sound } from β€˜’;

but I think it is actually suppose to be this:

import { PsychoJS } from β€˜./lib/core-2020.1.js’;
import * as core from β€˜./lib/core-2020.1.js’;
import { TrialHandler } from β€˜./lib/data-2020.1.js’;
import { Scheduler } from β€˜./lib/util-2020.1.js’;
import * as util from β€˜./lib/util-2020.1.js’;
import * as visual from β€˜./lib/visual-2020.1.js’;
import * as sound from β€˜./lib/sound-2020.1.js’;

I might be off, but not sure.

Also here is url to my study (sorry it has a lot of trials, you might just spam 1 and space through it all)

Still can’t seem to get it to work.

Hey, I removed some of the crib sheet code in the beginning,

Array.prototype.append = [].push
Object.prototype.upper = β€œβ€.toUpperCase;

These were all removed, I am not sure which one was the culprit. Everything works now though!

It should be String.prototype.upper