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Online study can't show clips (.mp4) and rating scales

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem: I used psychopy 2020.1.1 builder to create this experiment and run as a pilot study online. However, I can’t see my stimuli (which are short movie clips with mp4 format) and rating scales (created from builder rating scales function). Could anyone help me? Thank you so much.

@emmafang, rating scale components are not supported online. We now recommend using the Slider component, which replaces the Rating Scale component. Slider works fine online. Regarding the movie, if you defiine your movie screen units as pixels, or rescale the movie into height units, you may see the movie.

@dvbridges, thank you so much. The problem relating to slider bar solved. However, I now have problem relating to the movie files (.mp4). Some movies can play normally, some of them don’t show, and some of them just free on the first frame. I tried to make each move as small as possible (all of them are smaller than 400 KB). Do you know how to solve this problem?
The link to my study is updated: