Online Experiment setting image with argument: undefined

URL of experiment: Pavlovia

Description of the problem: (Using Psychopy 2.1.3) Testing a real simple response for online usage. We present a colour wheel in the centre of the screen and surround it with equidistant clickable polygons. Works on PsychoPy but does not online. It seems that when converting to online the variable which defines the colour wheel image to load is undefined. I’ve made sure that the path is okay (using a relative path (wheel-3-rgb-cp.png)) and that the png image is in the resources folder. Feel like I am missing something obvious…

Error on Java Developer screen:
Resources folder:

Image component:

Any help would be appreciated!

Not sure if this is the issue, but in size of the image you need to place a $ in front of your variable name ‘colour_wheel_size’

Hey NatalieA,

Thanks for your post. My understanding is that if the property option has a dollarsign in its title (Size [w,h] dollarsign) then the dollarsign is optional when inputting the variable. If this is incorrect from your experience I’d be happy to hear about it. At the very least, having a dollarsign in front of colour_wheel_size doesn’t influence running my (albeit very simple) experiment on PsychoPy or changes the online error message.

I appreciate your suggestion!

The problem was that I was defining my size and location variables as a list within my excel file rather than as separate x and y variables.

Straight from wakecarter’s crib sheet:
DON’T: Use an array in an Excel file for locations or colours.
Do: Use separate variables for x and y coordinates, e.g. $(x,y) or separate r, g, b values for separate colour values.