Online experiment not saving

I do not think they could - I have programmed it to press space only.

On earlier routines? You only mentioned space in the final routine.

My experiment is programmed to use “space bar” to move to next trial (however there is one task which uses mouse click - slider ratings). So in this task, the participant sees a video then rate it. After seeing each video, they rate it but can only move to next trial after 3 seconds and by pressing “space”.

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Would I need to add a “mouse click” to end the trial along with the “space bar” Thank you

No need to add a mouse component.

Try adding an extra routine at the end that displays a message like “Please leave this window open while your data is uploaded “ for around .1 seconds. That will appear when the final space bar is pressed.

Currently PsychoPy uploads all data at the end of the experiment when running online.

So during the end trial (end message), the participant sees a debrief form and ask them to press the space to end trial (I also programmed it, so that even if they do not press space the experiment ends in 20 seconds). Following your message, are you suggesting I amend this, in that after pressing the space (it would not end the trial but add a new trial with text saying, “Please leave this window open while your data is uploaded” (and time it until .1 seconds?). Do I add space again to end this message and save the data. The problem really is that they cannot press the space at the end.

I tried the option here however it is still not saving. Participants still unable to do anything at the end of the experiment (the experiment is stuck at the end of message, cannot press “space” nor click mouse).

I hope for your help

Please could you upload a psyexp file so I can take a look. I was expecting it to “hang” on the please leave message (which shouldn’t have a keyboard response required) rather than the (now) penultimate routine.

Thank you sir - that is my study and it is still not saving data unfortunately despite following the suggestion :frowning: I really really hope to hear from you.

I am facing very similar issues wrt data not saving. Wrote a comment here: Credits not being used, and data not saving, for "Running" mode? Any help would be much appreciated, thank you!

@katiecollins yes - it is the same with me (credits not being granted too). Been loosing participants :frowning:

Hope we can receive help!

Please could you upload your psyexp file so I can take a look, to see if there’s anything unusual about the way you’ve coded your final routine (and whether you’ve implemented my suggestion).

Did you run the latest version.

You could also try shortening the study to make it easier to test, plus finding out whether there is still a problem with less data to upload.

Where could I upload the file? Thank you for looking into this sir.

Thank you - I can only upload the exp - the whole folder is unfortunately too big

Negative_Self_Prioritization_Task_A.psyexp (171.1 KB)

@wakecarter would you like me to upload the whole experiment sir with the stimuli and excel file somewhere else? unfortunately as I am using videos, it is too big.

Just the psyexp file will allow me to look at how you’re ending the experiment.

That is good to know. Thank you sir, I uploaded the right file @wakecarter above I hope that is the file you are looking for. Will wait for your thoughts about the experiment and why I am encountering the problem

@wakecarter please find above file

I can’t see any issues with the end of the experiment. If it’s getting stuck before the “Please leave this window open while your data is uploaded” message then I can only assume that you are still viewing the previous version of the experiment. Use Ctrl-Shift-R to flush the cache or use an incognito tab.