Losing data, not recorded

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Description of the problem:
I experience a number of cases where I lost my participants’ responses. They take the experiment and when I download the .csv file I find most of the responses empty. The experiment has five phases and participants have to press either ‘1’ or ‘0’ to answer the questions and ‘space’ to move from phase to another. In most cases ‘1’ and ‘0’ are missing while ‘space’ is not.

I am having this issue with different experiments as this one is not the only experiment. I have 3 groups with 3 sessions for each group totaling in nine different experiments. I had experienced this issue with most of the experiments.

If someone had experienced this please let me know how to fix the problem.


Does it happen to some participants ? Is it an online experiment? Also, did you specify in the Allowed keys box that only ‘0’, ‘1’, and ’ space’ are allowed?