nReps in Psychopy not being understood by Pavlovia

URL of experiment: Pavlovia

Description of the problem:

In my experiment in Psychopy my nReps are set to 10 in order to pilot 10 trials.

However I get this error (which I have seen in the crib sheet but I’m unsure how it relates here) referring to my nReps:

“Cannot read property ‘10’ of undefined”

In the developer tools I get:

I have a loop (defined in the code component cue_coin_func) which cycles through the x position values of my stimulus (as this is what changes from trial to trial) and I set it to do as many iterations as I have nReps. Is there a better way to set up this loop so that the trial handler understands the nReps?

When I ran your task (which looks nice by the way), I got different errors. It seems they were related to scoping issues, referring to target_list and cue_list being indexed by the loop repetition number. That was due to scoping issues: deleting target_list and cue_list from the manually defined var list of variables in the “begin experiment” tab of the code component on the Instr routine fixed those errors, but then a new one arose:

TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'this._gui')

which was beyond my meagre JavaScript skills to explore further.

But examining the scoping of your variables might be a good idea. e.g. you define a variable called trials, which probably won’t conflict with the loop of the same name because of how you define its scope, but its still probably a good idea to avoid having the same name refer to different things, just in case the scoping does go awry.

NB there was also a syntax error when running the Python version, due to an errant trials++ appearing in a Python code component, and which simply needed to be deleted. Given that, and the different JavaScript errors, I wonder if the file you pointed to on Pavlovia has been changed since you posted above?

Hi Michael, thank you for your help!

This gives me a good insight into the issue. I will keep working on it.

Thanks again for your help- it worked. However, I did a search and this new error did appear in this thread:

However it was solved by making the x and y position belong to two different columns in a conditions file. I’m not using a conditions file so I’ll have to keep looking for help on this problem.