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I am having issues with PsychoPy files not translating correctly into Pavlovia. Below are my itemized issues.

On PsychoPy, they all work fine.

For my study, I am using mouse input with a graphic:

  1. Hover over all the elements don’t work. Each item’s contrast that is clickable should slightly change to give feedback to the participant that it is clickable.
  2. Next button should not be enabled until a selection is made but currently, it is activated even with no selection.
  3. The selection between the intensities (i.e. aggressiveness/optimism/love/submission/awe/disapproval/remorse/contempt), you have to click in the middle of the word to select even though the mouse click area is defined to be the entire rectangle.
  4. Sometimes when I click on the circle, the in between boxes get highlighted
  5. Disgust smallest circle activates contempt
  6. Joy middle activates optimism and love
  7. Anticipation smallest circle activates aggressiveness
  8. Disgust biggest circle activates remorse
  9. Sadness middle circle activates remorse and disapproval
  10. Surprise activates awe
  11. Trust smallest circle activates submission
  12. Text box on the last screen - it is only showing one row and we want it to be bigger (on PsychoPy it’s the proper size)

Thank you.

Hi @Nouf_Abukhodair, what an interesting project, thanks for flagging. You raise a range of issues, please allow me some time to look for potential solutions, more soon, s.

Thank you Sotiri!

Thanks Nouf! I see @sotiri is already on the case here! to help guide him/us a little please could you let us know which of the .psyexp files if your primary builder file to work from :slight_smile:


Hi Becca,

Oops…Sorry about that!

My main builder file is: Emotion_study.psyexp
Here is the link:

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Thanks Nouf!

Hi Becca and @sotiri,
Just wondering if you had a chance to look over my code? I know you are all extremely busy.

Thank you,

Please forgive me @Nouf_Abukhodair, it’s been rather busy lately :blush: I do have a solution for you with regards to making TextBox taller, which I would be happy adding to your project at a moment’s notice. The rest is unfortunately a bug on our end to do with boundary detection, one of our library’s more involved aspects. I plan on spending all of tomorrow on it, but it might take a bit longer still. Many many thanks for your patience, s.

Thank you so much Sotri for your kind reply :slight_smile: No worries take your time… it would be great if you could add the textBox solution to my project!

Thanks again

Thank you so much @sotiri for your kind reply :slight_smile: No worries take your time. It would be great if you could add the TextBox solution to my project!

Thanks again

No problem @Nouf_Abukhodair, merge request issued, please let me know if you run into any trouble pulling those changes in, thanks, s.

Got the changes! Thanks a lot @sotiri! TextBox is working perfectly now! So, I just wanted to make sure - I just merged the commits, is that all I have to do?


Alright, no worries @Nouf_Abukhodair, yes, that’s it :slight_smile:

Great! Thanks for your help & quick reply @sotiri :slight_smile:

Hello! I hope you had a great weekend. Just curious, were you able to make some progress?

Thank you!

Hello @sotiri! I hope you had a great weekend. Just curious, were you able to make some progress?

Thank you!

Hi @Nouf_Abukhodair, sorry I was out of office for a couple of days, yes getting there, I believe I can have this fixed by morning, thanks, x

Hi @sotiri, thank you so much! This will be of great help to me :slight_smile:

Hey @Nouf_Abukhodair, just a quick update on those unresolved hover box issues, I now have a clear picture of what the problem is and am doing my best to get it fixed as we speak, should be very soon, Monday if not sooner. Apologies for the delay, thanks, s.

Awesome!!! Thanks for the update @sotiri