Normalized units in online textbox

URL of experiment:
I actually don’t know how to make experiments public on Pavlovia, so I uploaded a dummy program to replicate the issue:

dummytest.psyexp (12.6 KB)

Description of the problem:
I’m trying to set my first experiment on Pavlovia, and I realized that I don’t fully understand how normalized units work online when using the textbox component. I want to present a rectangled textbox with the size of 25% of the screen in both axis (my screen is 16:9), so I thought this would work:

It works fine on my computer, right size and a scroll that allows to see the whole text. However, when I run it online, the textbox looks like a square, and the scroll no longer appears.

What I have tried:
While testing for solutions, I tried the same size specification in a polygon component and it works perfectly both local and online, so I guess that the problem is related with the textbox. I tried to manually convert height in normalized units this way, and it worked properly online:

However, the scroll does not appear, and I don’t know if that is the way textbox works online, or maybe I’m doing something wrong.