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No index.html no server.php in html folder (Windows7)


I am new to psychopy, very interested into the online features (will fill in the survey later).
I have installed StandalonePsychoPy-1.85.0rc5-win32 on Windows 7. Made my first stroop.psyexp to test, all well. However:
Export HTML produces only the following:
— info.php
— resources/ (contains a copy of the xlsx file one level above)

nothing else. No index.html no server.php as per

Moreover, the Experimental Settings -> Online tab has JS libs “packaged” entry greyed out, cannot be changed (just saying, no need to use it).

I have installed the same version psychopy-1.85.0rc5 from source on linux Ubuntu 16.04 and I get the same type of output as above when clicking Export HTML.
Moreover, in this version the Online tab is missing from Experiment Settings.

If you look at the output panel (bottom of coder window) were any error messages sent there when the html export was attempted?

nope, the Output panel only says Welcome and the version. This holds true both on Windows and linux.
Incidentally, I notice that the Output window on linux says v1.84.2, while I have downloaded

OK, on my installation of this I do get an error message saying that doesn’t exist in the installation. I’ll fix that right away. Not sure why you didn’t get an error message but hopefully it is actually the same problem.

Either you haven’t installed the new zip file properly or both versions are still visible in the python path

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This solved my same problem. My python path was using 1.82 (?), but the stand-alone builder app was on 1.85. After upgrading the via,

pip install upgrade

things work fine. thanks!