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New PsychoPy publication 2019 (cite this for Builder studies)

We finally published an updated PsychoPy paper, finally described the Builder interface in a journal article!

If you use recent versions of PsychoPy, especially the Builder then you should cite this instead of the outdated Peirce (2007)


And fortunately it is open access, so just click through to the link without any hassle.

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Reference in APA format for convenience

Peirce, J., Gray, J. R., Simpson, S., MacAskill, M., Höchenberger, R., Sogo, H., Kastman, E., & Lindeløv, J. K. (2019). PsychoPy2: Experiments in behavior made easy. Behavior research methods , 51 (1), 195-203.



Is this still the most recent reference for PsychoPy? Is there a more recent one since Pavlovia/online studies started?

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The timing study is the first paper to explicitly mention PsychoJS so you could use that. Then if the reviewers want to argue with you about timing precision you’re also ready with some ammunition!

So you could say something like “The experiment was created using PsychoPy Builder interface (Peirce et al 2019) and output to a PsychoJS experiment (Bridges et al 2020).”

Bridges D, Pitiot A, MacAskill MR, Peirce JW. 2020. The timing mega-study: comparing a range of experiment generators, both lab-based and online. PeerJ 8:e9414

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