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Building an experiment from scratch using PsychoJS?

I was just wondering if it was already possible to code an experiment from scratch in PsychoJS, or if this feature was expected in the future. I know you recently got a grant for online experiments, but it wasn’t clear to me if future development would continue to focus on the Builder view at the expense of programmers.

Haha, I hope e don’t focus on Builder “at the expense of programmers” :slight_smile:

It will indeed be possible to author PsychoJS experiments manually. That’s exactly what Ilixa were doing as they wrote the library. Builder is just a tool to help you do the writing faster.

If you do want to write the PsychoJS code manually, and you know how to write your experiment in PsychoPy then much of the code will translate trivially easily. We’ll be providing the same classes (e.g. TextStim, TrialHandler) with the same attributes (e.g. color, addData()) as far as possible. There are a few extra things that you need to add, due to differences in the way that JS executes, like the Scheduler to specify the flow of your routines. But otherwise it will all look familiar.

I just think that Builder allows you to do (nearly all) things faster, but we definitely don’t aim to hold you back :slight_smile: