New members on gitlab group do not have access to existing projects on Pavlovia

My team and I are encountering an issue with the Pavlovia dashboard. Previously, multiple users could access all of our group’s projects without any problems. However, recently, new users added to the group are unable to see these projects on the Pavlovia dashboard. Intriguingly, they can view the projects when they navigate directly to the portal.
Users will see on the dashboard any projects they create under said group, but not the ones created by others, old users (who are not affected by the issue) WILL see the new user’s project as well!
This issue persists regardless of the member’s permission level, from guest to owner. We have attempted to resolve this by adding multiple new users with different email addresses, but the problem remains consistent. We’re seeking assistance to address this concern. For reference, our group ID is 84150.

Thank you for your help!