Need urgent help with recovering data from log files

I have a student whose dissertation data I need to process. Unfortunately I didn’t check that all the data was being saved, and I’m missing reaction times for both an emotional stroop task and a lexical decision task (and scores for the LDT).

I know I should be able to retrieve the data from the logs files (e.g. using methods described here Part of reaction time data missing for some participants) but it will take me a while. If you think you can do it faster, please get in touch and I’d be more than happy to exchange your services for some online debugging or experiment modification.

The experiment is here: estroop-ldt [PsychoPy]

If you can help me I’ll add you to the repository so you can access the code and log files.

Hi @wakecarter , can you share a sample file with me?


Thanks Yiannis,

I’ve added you (Yiannis_A) to the repository. I’ll send you a PM.