Music Files not working when uploading experiment online

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Description of the problem: I have an experiment which consists of listening to audio clips (.wav files) followed by questionnaires and tasks. The entire experiment works fine when running locally, however when uploading it online, I get the warning that my audio files are not in the experiment path and will not be copied to Pavlovia. This causes running my online experiment to fail immediately upon reaching the first audio clip, saying unknown resource. I have tried having the audio files in the same folder as the .psyexp file, and I have tried putting it in a subfolder called /resources. I have tried changing to Mp3, which doesn’t work locally, including or excluding the specific path in the conditions files, but nothing works. If anyone knows why it does not find the audio files when I go to upload, I think that might be the solution. Thanks!

Hi There,

Have you tried adding the movies to the “additional resources” section of experiment settings? click on :experiment_settings: >online > additional resources