Adding multiple experiment programs to one single pavlovia project

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Hi all! I have one experiment design, but 4 experimental lists, and a separate program to each list. I’m a beginner at this, so I can’t figure out how I can add multiple experiments to my platform (in the same project). Each participant should only participate in one of those 4 and not more than this.
I used the first program designed in the builder as a base for the other 3, so I just saved again with other name, and then changed the .xslx input. But when I was going to sync, psychopy opened that window for me to log the info on the changes of this new version. I was afraid I was going to mess up with the first program already uploaded and perfectly functioning, so I canceled and here I am, asking for advice. Anyone?

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If I read you correctly, then you should only be using one .psyexp file, with four conditions files. The trick is not to write in explicitly the name of the conditions file in the loop of your file, but instead to use a variable that controls which conditions file is used on a given run of the experiment.

e.g. when running locally, you would add an extra field to the information dialog box that opens at the start of the experiment, labelled, say, condition_file, where you would type values like A, B, C, or D. Then in the conditions file field of your loop dislodge box, you would enter something like expInfo['condition_file'] + '.xlsx'

If run online, I think you can pass parameters like that in the URL to the experiment, and access them the same way, which I think is explained here:

Oohh I never thought of doing this way… but, in this case, would only one condition file be ran per experiment or all of them? I distributed my stimuli through lists (versions) using Latin square, generating 4 stimuli lists. I want my participant to be tested with only one of them. Also, would I have control on how many participants would be tested to each list (condition file)?

Yes, you specify which one of several alternatives will be used on any given run of the experiment.

Locally, that is quite straightforward, as you can just maintain a list and assign subjects to the appropriate value at the start of each session. Online, I’m not sure how that works - it would be more a function of the recruitment site that you use to send subjects to Pavlovia - I’m guessing they have a way to allocate subjects to groups and modify the URL parameters that get sent to Pavlovia accordingly, but I’m not familiar with those services.