Help with uploading 3 conditions separate conditions to PsychoPy3

Can anyone spare some time to help with a problem my team and I are experiencing? We have stroop experiment running with 3 separate conditions on PsychoPy3. However, when uploading a condition on quadrics the one condition uploaded before gets completely replaced. We want to be able to upload all 3 conditions on quadrics to be able to randomly distribute the experiment. If anyone can provide insight onto this problem it would be greatly appreciated!

Are you doing this with three different URLs? Please could you show what you are doing and explain what you mean by getting replaced? If several people edit the same element in Qualtrics at the same time then changes do get overwritten.

When I try to create the project on Pavlovia (using the globe button with the green play mark) it replaces the psychopy3 file attached to the experiment rather than creating a new separate project. It’s not an issue with the three URL’s, the issue is we can’t even get the three separate URL’s at all from Pavlovia.

Every Pavlovia experiment needs to be in it’s own folder, unlike local PsychoPy experiments where you can run several from the same folder.

However, unless the experiments are very different then my preference is to run them all from one psyexp file, modifying the parameters on the fly (which also makes integration with Qualtrics easier and keeps the data in one place).

could you send/reply a link on how to modify the parameters you’re talking about?

Not without knowing more about the differences between your conditions.