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Multiple choice test

how to make a multiple choice item test?
for example:

  1. Broken / Clear / Eye
    a. round
    b. glass

you probably want the rating scale component

Where can I find it and how is it used?

It is very well documented on the PsychoPy website - just do a search for rating scale component. Have a go and see how far you get.

I don’t know how to set the conditions for a multiple choice test. :frowning: The right answer must receive a score of 1 in csv file whereas the two wrong choices must receive a 0.

Have you been through Jon’s Stroop tutorial on youtube? The computerised stoop task is effectively a multiple choice test - this will show you how to use keyboard responses to mark your participants answers. You should work through that and then adapt it to your needs. That will get you started.

If I will be doing 10 questions with 3 choices for each questions, is it better to create one routine for each question? I am really sorry, I don’t know how to operate the software.

It would be more effective to have a loop that encapsulates your trial routine. That said, having a routine for each question would work for you. Anyway, exploring the “stroop” or the “navon” demos would greatly help you, and you should be able to find them under the Demos menu option in PsychoPy.

the condition for that loop will contain all the answers for the 10 questions right?

The conditions file, that you can either load from a .csv/.xlsx file, or even create within PsychoPy by right-clicking on the “Conditions” empty field in the loop, should include a column that codes for the correct answer, for instance a “corrAns” column, that you can subsequently input in your response module within the trial routine (i.e., $corrAns, in the “Correct answer” field).

Should I write the questions and choices in excel file or should I just directly type it on the text field?

Is there anything else that I should add to the conditions file aside from the correct answer?