Multiplayer experiments

Dear all.

I am planning to implement a multiplayer experiment - where 2 participants will play sort of a chat game with one another. One each trial only one participant should be able to type, and then the other should see what the first has typed, and so on.
I understand from previous questions that having two screens presenting different outputs is relatively straightforward. I also saw some indications that if I have a linux/mac computer - controlling two keyboards separately is also theoretically possible. My main question is whether someone has actually successfully implemented a similar interactive multiplayer design, and can indicate that the keyboard thing actually works. If you have working code snippets this would be even better!

Thanks a lot!

So long at you don’t need instant updates, I would probably implement this online via the Pavlovia shelf. Then you can have two instances of the experiment running on separate computers. On the typist’s computer the shelf could be updated every time space or return is pressed (i.e. between words). The reader’s computer could be set to check for updates every seconds or two.