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Modified Free Association Routine and Loop Setup

Hi I’m looking to create a modified free association task in which participants receive a seed word and then type in responses in a fashion that the first response is an associate of the seed, but then participants have to come up with an associate to their first response, and so forth. I’d like to have 10 responses per seed word, of which I would like to use 21 seeds. After participants generate 10 associates to one seed, they’d be presented with the next seed and repeat the process

I’m not very experienced with python/psychopy and am having trouble figuring out how I should organize my routines and loops to satisfy what I’m trying to do.
Below is how I’ve attempted to accomplish this, with varying error messages popping up as I’ve tried to work through these issues with no success.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi, you need another loop, only surrounding the response routine. This inner loop should not be connected to a conditions file and should have an nReps value of 10. That is, the “seed” routine will run 21 times (once per iteration of the outer loop) and the response routine will run 210 times (10 times per iteration of the outer loop).

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Thank you so much!!