Minolta LS100 issue on 1.84.1

I am using Konika Minolta LS100 for gamma calibration…
Was using the standalone version 1.84.0rc5 which worked perfectly.

However, when updating to 1.84.1 when trying to make Monitor center scan the ports to find the Luminance meter, it is not able to find it and on the python code window the following error shows up
" ‘Serial’ object has no attribute ‘SetByteSize’ ".

I think it seems to be a problem with pyserial package comptability

I assume one has to use Serial.bytesize now: pySerial API — pySerial 3.0 documentation

PRs welcome! :wink:

I have created an issue on Github:

@mo_abdelhack, I have proposed a fix for your issue, which will hopefully be included in the next release. If you don’t want to wait so long:

  • quit PsychoPy if it’s already running
  • locate your PsychoPy installation folder
  • navigate to the subfolder psychopy/hardware
  • rename minolta.py to minolta.py.old (i.e., create a backup of that file)
  • download the fixed version of that file
  • save it to the psychopy/hardware folder
  • start PsychoPy, everything should be working as expected now

1.84.02 cannot find our PR-655 on Windows. 1.83 did it on the same PC. Isn’t it the same problem? I do not need it right now, but just in case.

Possibly. Do you get an error message?

I’m sorry but I didn’t check it, and I cannot try it again very soon. But the search of com ports failed very soon. I’ll see it when I have time.

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