Migration error in running experiment

I recieve the following error, but wen looking at the instruction in the link regarding to how to write plugins after type I see that this is the way it is already written in my experiment.
Do you have an idea of what can I do to fix it?
Thank you!

Uncaught (in promise) MigrationError: A string was provided as the trial’s type parameter. Since jsPsych v7, the type parameter needs to be a plugin object. Please follow the migration guide at Migrating from 6.x to 7.x - jsPsych to update your experiment.
at JsPsych.doTrial (jspsych.js:2971:23)
at JsPsych.startExperiment (jspsych.js:2927:18)
at JsPsych. (jspsych.js:2671:22)
at Generator.next ()
at fulfilled (jspsych.js:22:62)

This typically means that your trial has something like this:

    type: "html-button-response", // this is the old format

When it needs something like this:

    type: jsPsychHtmlButtonResponse, // this is the new format

In short whatever you put in the “type” field for a trial in your JsPsych code can’t be enclosed in quotes. This was a change in version 7.0, and Pavlovia currently runs JsPsych 7.1, but some of the documentation on the Pavlovia side is out of date and uses examples with the old type format.

Thank you for your answer.
My experiment is written in the new format you attached, that is why I am not sure what to do about this error message…

Could you share your code? You can copy the text in or upload it as a file.