Jspsych-pavlovia plugin 3.0.0 error saving data

URL of experiment: Talker discrimination task (it is currently running, you may consume a credit if you wish)

Description of the problem: The experiment runs fine on my system, but some of my pilot subjects have reported the following error at the end of the study. Pavlovia reports that no data has been recorded and saved from these subjects. I believe my issue is different to the other ones posted here, but I could be mistaken.

[jspsych-pavlovia plugin 3.0.0] Error

  • when uploading participant’ results for experiment: letitiayhho/talker_discrimination_task_versions
  • when saving data from a previously opened session on the server
  • unable to JSON decode the value: Extra data: line 1 column 13 (char 12)

So I thought I had changed the save format from DATABASE back to CSV. I guess it’s not super clear which option is selected and which is deselected on the experiment page in Pavlovia. Changing the save format to CSV solved the problem. You can double check which option you’re using by looking at the Saving Format column of the Dashboard. I’ll keep this here in case anyone else has the same issue.