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Microphone recording but no sound

Hi everyone,

I am running psychopy 1.90.2 on windows 10.
I am trying to build an experiment where subjects have to name several objects and thus I want to record what they are saying.

The microphone seems to work and I have a file at the end of my experiment that is exactly the time of the recording. Unfortunately when I am playing the audio file, there is no sound like the loudness of my microphone was at zero…

I have tried to change all the parameters on the audio preferences of psychopy. I have also tried to see if my microphone was working with other softwares (like audacity, conversation with skype) and it does…

I’ve also looked at similar topics, but I haven’t find a solution…

Thank you in advance!


Hi Amélie,

I too am using the microphone component in version 1.90.1. Psychopy requires you to specify a start and stop duration for the microphone component. Have you done that?


Hi Maya,

Thank you for your answer. I did specify a start and stop duration for the microphone component.

My problem is that the .wav file that is produced is silent but is of normal duration (the duration I specify in the experiment).

Best regards,


Hey Amélie,

Hmm. I think you did this but did you list ‘pyo’ first in the audio library to look like this:

Hi rosem09,

I have encountered the exact same problem (with Psychopy v. 3.1.3, Mac version). I specified the start and stop duration for the microphone component, and also tried to list ‘pyo’ first in the audio library (I even tried to list only the ‘pyo’ and delete others), yet the problem still exist. I wonder if you know any other solutions that might help? Thanks a lot!!

Dear all,

i get exactly the same problem, using the coding version. Did anyone find a solution to this problem?