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I created a perceptual experiment with buider, then uploaded it to pavlovia (with a lot of help from this forum :-)), I’m still piloting it, everything is working perfectely except for the fact that I would like that when running online, my infobox have the message "“Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required”, to better inform the participants (like in this case: Demographic form at the beginning of online experiments)
My infobox looks like this mow:
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The easiest solution for this for now might be to add “this field is mandatory” in your expinfo field itself, also I see that you have removed the field ‘participant’ in general it is a good idea to keep that as pavlova will use it to add the participant ID to the datafile name.

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Hi @Becca now that you mention that about the “participant” field, I always change it to “Participants” (capitalized P) and hence the name of the field is always change to “PARTICIPANT”, is there a way to make Pavlovia name the file correctly while still having the “Participant” field with P in uppercase?

unfortunately not easily - it is simplest to keep the field name as ‘participant’

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Dear @Becca, thank you for your fast reply.
I already have ‘mandatory’ written (but in Hungarian) in each filed of my expinfo, I just wanted to make the phrases shorter, but no problem if it’s not possible.
As for the ‘participant’ field, I don’t want the participants to write their names here, because the trials have to be anonymous, so I add a field for ‘nickname’. So my question is: how can I make that I have a ‘participant’ field, but where the participants cannot write, and still pavlovia will assign an ID number?
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For that you could use my web app

Dear @wakecarter,
I’m very new at this, this will be my first online experiment, so I don’t know how it works, can you explain me better?
In this moment I want to choose the participants (to better control their background), so I though to send them the link.
In this case, is it needed a participant ID?
(I made a field for ‘nickname’ so their name remains anonymous.)
(Later maybe I’ll be recruting participants, so I imagine at that point your app will be useful.)

The value for participant is used to name the data file (if you are saving data to CSV files instead of a database). If you are choosing participants you could just ask them to put their nickname into the field marked participant.

I was giving you an answer to you question:

how can I make that I have a ‘participant’ field, but where the participants cannot write, and still pavlovia will assign an ID number?

Pavlovia can’t do this but my (free) app can.

Thank you, when I 'll recruit participants (instead of choosing them, as now), I’m sure I’ll check you app :slight_smile:

Hi @thomas_pronk . Any idea at what version the message Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required stopped appearing?

Also, I’m noting here that the asterisk only works online, not locally.

I didn’t know we had this feature TBH :slight_smile:

I tested in 2021.1.3:

  • Locally it indeed doesn’t work; I’ll file an issue on GitHub
  • Online it does work, but I no message “Fields with an asterisk are required”. Not sure when this changed, but I’ll file another issue to ask to put it back in

Locally I’m not sure it’s needed since there will almost always be a researcher present.

True, but it would at least be nice if you didn’t get a key error when running locally. And while we’re at it, add this feature to the documentation :slight_smile:

For ref, here are the issues I posted:

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