Demographic form at the beginning of online experiments

About the demographic form at the beginning of online experiments where you can ask whatever information from the participant, it says by default that “Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required” BUT I don’t know how to actually make them mandatory/or put an asterisk on them. Is there such an option? cause currently participant can just click OK (and start the experiment) without filling in the questions.

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Hi @Laura_Pissani, to make required fields, add an asterisk (*) to the entry in the Experiment Settings dialog e.g.,


Now the participant field will need an entry before the participant can continue.

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OH that was so simple! THANK YOU!

Hi, I have the 2022 version of Psychopy and I have to ask participants for their demographic information. How do I do this please?

You should go to experiment settings, should be the wheel symbol on the top panel. You will be prompted with a window in the basic tab. Where it says experiment info, it will give you participant as a default, but you can add full questions by clicking on the + sign (or delete by using -). So if you add “Age” or “What is your first language?” they will see that right before they start running the experiment. If you add an asterisk (“Age*”) then it will be a mandatory answer to start the experiment. At the end, you will see each field as a column in your data file.