How can I learn more about code view

Hi. I recently find out about Psychopy and the great potential of this program in designing the tasks. Although I am able to create an experiment in the builder view, I am completely confused in coding view. I read the documentation of Psychopy, however I think I need a basic dource to learn coding. Can anyone introduce a good way to learn how to write codes in Psychopy?
Thanks all

Hello, the best option is to keep an eye out for the workshops which Jon Peirce runs at the University of Nottingham.

Failing that, you should start first by looking for the (many) options available online to learn the Python language itself. i.e. first get comfortable with the features of Python, and then learn the specific capabilities provided by the PsychoPy library.

i.e. to use PsychoPy in code, you really do need to understand basic features of Python, such as structuring your code with looping and if/then statements, understanding variable types, and generic objects like lists and dictionaries. These are the lingua franca of Python which will then make it much easier to read both PsychoPy example code as well as the online API documentation.

I have a set of material for Programming for Psychology in Python that might be of interest; the Vision Science section includes content on PsychoPy. There are also a couple of associated sets of screencasts, on Fundamentals and Vision Science.


Those are great resources you’ve created, Damien.

Definitely bookmarking those URLs for the next time this question comes up!

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