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Memory Error for simple video/fixation paradigm

-Win 64 bit
-PsychoPy version 1.90

Trying to play 36 videos (no audio) with a fixation in between each one. Original design had 10 blocks of this in on experiment but since PsychoPy kept throwing this “Memory Error” issue I have since broken it up into 5 smaller experiments with two blocks each. During the second block it is still throwing the Memory Error you see below. Videos are mp4s.

I have read the other forums discussing the “Memory Error” and tried to rectify it by changing the text render to ‘pix’, trying older versions of psychopy, trying even older versions of psychopy, trying to input garbage collector (I am a very very novice coder so maybe I did not implement this correctly?), del(), cleartextures(), and none of these things have worked.

I have been working at this for weeks and I would really appreciate some, if any, guidance on what I can do. Please let me know if I can provide more information. Would deleting audio somehow help? How would I delete videos after each trial so python does not hold them to memory? I don’t know if these are the issues - just throwing it out there.

Thank you in advance.


I’m running into the same problem, on win7 64 bit, psychopy 1.90, and with mp4 video’s.

Is there a specific way video’s/sounds/images should be cleared from memory in psychopy?

Having the same problem. Are there any solutions?