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Manual install on Windows requires pyobjc-framework-Quartz-4.1.tar.gz

Hi Jon,

I tried to install Psychopy with pip on Window 10 and was made aware that Psychopy requires pyobjc-framework-Quartz-4.1.tar.gz, which is a Mac-only package. I suspect there might be an error in the install script. Could you fix that?



Yes, it turned out that using wheels was a bad idea. This was fixed in version 1.90.dev3 where I reverted to providing only a zip file on pypi.

One of the commands:

>>> pip install psychopy==1.90.dev3


>>> pip install -U psychopy --dev

should work for you I believe

Thanks! I have upgraded to the beta version with the following command,

pip install -U psychopy --pre

I am unable to install pyobjc in Windows