Mackworth Clock Test

Hello everyone, I have to perform the Mackworth Clock Test experiment in Psychopy, I’m new to this, I already did a Stroop Test but in the clock test I don’t know where to start, can someone please help me

Hi @Carlo_Antonini,

A good place to start is actually on the Explore tab of our online platform It’s completely free to sign up, and experiments listed in the Explore tab are available to download and use locally yourself.

I’ve just done a quick search there and found this one (not tested) that might help as a base to build from.



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I had a look at that one. It seems to work well enough but I wasn’t able to sync to a forked copy (possibly due to the use of gif images) and it has 60 separate images for the different times on the clock. I thought it would be fun to write my own version using an array of polygons. It’s nearly ready to push online and share.


Something like this?

Mackworth Clock code | try it

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Thank you very much, with this I can start, I’m not so lost anymore.

Great, I didn’t know it could be done this way, it’s more complex, thanks a lot for the help