Lost data when saving from CSV to Excel Spreadsheet for one of my participants


I was able to download the data for all my participants. I opened one of my participant’s data in Excel Spreadsheet and it asked me to convert it to an Excel document to avoid data loss. When I did it the data disappeared completely. I tried downloading the document again, but it won’t retrieve the data, as if the original document was affected by my change. I tried both on a PC and a Mac and no data appeared. I also tried opening it from the View Code area and wasn’t able to. There is no problem when opening other documents I didn’t convert.

Any advise?


URL of experiment:

Description of the problem:


You’ve linked to an experiment in the Consultancy space. Did you run your experiment from there or from a fork to your own space?

From the Consultancy Space. The document seems to be there. But when I open it, it doesn’t show any data like before converting it or like all the others I downloaded from the same experiment.

I just noticed it doesn’t have the GZ file all the other ones have.

I think I know why. I believe the person quit the task before completing it. I will ask the person to complete it.

Hi @rortizterp , you are currently running the experiment from the Consultancy account. You would need to fork the study to your own Pavlovia account and run it from there. Meanwhile, I do see some data in the Consultancy account that I can email to you if you can provide me with an address. After that, we will delete the data on our end for GDPR purposes.

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Thank you so much for letting me know @suelynnmah. I didn’t know that detail. I have downloaded the data from the online experiments already. I only need to download the ones from those taken on the computer. when is the data scheduled to be deleted? Please give me two weeks before deleting anything, if you can.

Yes we will email you in 2 weeks and we will delete it once we have confirmation you have downloaded everything