Loading resources with <participant>fileName.csv is not working

URL of experiment: Duarte FMM Pereira / 2Enc · GitLab

Description of the problem: When I want to load a resource .csv with a participant number in it, the following error message appears.


Now, I have had this error before, but this was during the era where there was a dedicated html folder. Unsure what the procedure is for this new pavlovia directory/folder structure.

I have tried using a .xls files instead of .csv to no avail. The experiment works fine online if I ask for resource file without participant number info. But that would not work for my experiment as each participant experiences a completely different set of stimuli.



I think you might need to make sure that the experiment has access to that resource in the experiment settings > online >additional resources area of builder (labeled as 5 in the first figure here Configure the online settings of your experiment — PsychoPy v2022.1.1)

Hope this helps!

This does not work either. Although I can see that the loader is loading 1 additional resource. So the file is there somewhere, the file variable is correct, but they are not resulting in loading the participant specific file.

Looking at your file it looks like your csv is called “101encPrep.csv” but your code component is creating the file name condiFile = str(int(expInfo['participant']))+'_encPrep.csv' - with an underscore. You need to change your code component to condiFile = str(int(expInfo['participant']))+'encPrep.csv'

Yep that works.

I will now stand in the corner of shame :sweat_smile:

Let this thread be the everlasting monument to the fact that we aren’t always firing on all cylinders.

Thanks, Becca.

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happens ALL the time to EVERYONE :joy: pleased it’s fixed!