Loading Pavlovia in China

Hi everyone!

By using Psychopy+Pavlovia, we are trying to run an online experiment whose target participants are Mandarin Native speakers (mainly people in Mainland China).
When we tried to pilot the experiment by asking people in Mainland China to test it, we realised that they couldn’t even load or access the Pavlovia normally, meaning it’d take them an extremely long time to load the experiment which might eventually crash in the middle of the experiment. We guess the firewall in China might be one of the reasons for the poor connection.

Any chance that anyone might have had this kind of problem before and know how to solve it?

(We understand that providing VPN service or helping the participants to change the IP address of their device may solve the problem, but that is the last thing we want to do.)

Thank you very much!

S_Lee 你好,


我上传了一个程序,在图中practice_feedback处我用code组件插入了一段代码,记录此处回复正确次数,在 practice_end 处添加code组件,判断正确率是否达到90%,达到则跳出loop继续下一步。但是我上传到Pavlovia后,代码就失效了,似乎是在practice_feedback处无法记录回答的正确个数,导致practice_end 的code无法跳出。请问你有遇到这样的问题吗?

Hi Wilson,



(I’m translating the last paragraph so that more members can understand the issue)

The problem I’m facing right now is that, we suspect that the firewall in China may be restricting people’s access to Pavlovia. In other words, people in Mainland China cannot run the experiment we’ve uploaded to Pavlovia or simple use Pavlovia in Mainland China if they do not change their IP address beforehand.
So I’m wondering if there is any means which allows people in China to run Pavlovia without changing the IP of their devices.

I’m afraid I don’t have a solution for that - I just don’t know enough about China firewall technology.

Hi S_Lee,

Thank you for your answer.

I’m using China Unicom network and acessing Pavlovia without VPN. So I think it might be your participants’ network issues.

hi Wilson,

can you tell me more details about China Unicom network? I meet the same problem that my Chinese participant cannot open the link without VPN.



Did anyone manage to get around this issue of VPN in mainland China? Having the same problem here… Resources won’t download in China so participants are unable to run the experiment as a result… Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


Hi S_Lee

I had the same problem when I tried to recruit participants in China using Pavlovia. They just could not access the online experiment. Have you solved the problem? It’d be great if you could offer me some suggestions regarding how you finally managed to solve the problem :slightly_smiling_face: