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Participant Can't Connect to Pavlovia

Description of the problem: One specific participant is unable to connect to Pavlovia’s servers (see attached image) but is able to connect to other sites online. Is there any known reason for this potentially occurring? This has happened in both Chrome and Safari.

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The participant just informed that they are trying to run the experiment on their laptop but with an Internet connection hosted by a mobile hotspot from their phone. Is it possible Pavlovia blocks these types of connections?

In general, websites aren’t aware that they get accessed via hotspots. My guess would be that has to do with the speed/reliability of the connection in relation to the size of your experiment. Does it feature a lot of big files?

The specific experiment actually contains nothing except the barebones: HTML and Javascript files (2kb and 81kb, respectively). There are no resources that it downloads.

Then I don’t have an obvious explanation. I’ve got some other explanation, but it’s hard to test, and they are quite unlikely. Maybe the mobile provider blocks our site? Maybe all sites were blocked, but the other sites the participants visited were cached?

If the issue is reproducible, and happens more often, that could tell us more, but it would still be hard to diagnose. For now I’m inclined to assume it was just a fluke.

Hi @thomas_pronk !

I am encountering this same issue and am wondering if you would be able to help me?
When I click on the link to test out the study, the page loads, and after a while I get the ‘page unresponsive’ message with choices to wait to exit.

I cannot inspect the page either in this case, so am not sure what could have gone wrong.
Any ideas?

The experiment is called ‘jsPsych_SimpleReactionTime’.

Let me know if you would need any other information!

Hi @alexaruel,

Could you post your question in a new thread please? That way things stay nice an organized here :slight_smile: