Linking surveys at different time points with an ID code

Our department is moving from Qualtrics to Pavlovia so very new to exploring the platform and I’m struggling to find an answer to a question!

In Qualtrics, I have a survey that has five time points I’ll be distributing over a 9 month span. Within the Qualtrics system I have these linked together by carrying forward the response ID from the first time point into subsequent timepoints using embedded data, a few workflows, and then personal links sent from within Qualtrics. This is so when I download the separate data files there is an easy way for me to match up and combine the data into one file and no chance for human error with issues of forgetting a code or swapping to a different email half way through the time points.

Is there a way to replicate this in Pavlovia? If not will I need to revert back to the old fashioned match via email addresses or is there an alternative option?

Many thanks in advance!

If you add &participant=XXX to the survey link to personalise it then xxx should appear in the data file.