Launch Error Mac


PsychoPy used to work on my Mac. I saved an experiment and now I get this message whenever I try to open PsychoPy: Launch error
See the py2app website for debugging launch issues

Can anyone help me?

What version are you trying to launch?


Did anyone figure this out? I have tried 2022.2.4, 2022.2.3, 2022.2.2 using MacOS 10.95

If you’re using macos 10.9.5 I wonder if that’s just too old a version of the operating system (that was released 8 years ago). Certainly I don’t have a machine to test on with that version of macos.

But you might be able to get a more informative error message from PsychoPy error logging. Could you go to the terminal and do this:

cat ~/.psychopy3/last_app_load.log