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Jagged circles in online experiment

Description of the problem: I am using psychopy v2020.2.0. Even though I increase the num of vertices, the circles in my online experiment look jagged. How can I fix? Thanks in advance.

This topic has been created before, but I couldn’t find a working solution since I created the experiment in the builder.
I am using pixel as unit.

Would it be appropriate to increase the thickness of the border? 1 pixel is bound to give a jagged edge.

Thanks a lot for your help. Even if I change the line thickness to 2, it looks jagged. What do you think I should change?
By the way, it looks smooth in psychopy, this problem only exists in pavlovia.
Here are the properties:

Also, I upgraded psychopy to 2020.2.10. However, the circles are still jagged in pavlovia.

You could try the latest version. However anti-aliasing is not as good online as locally.

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